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04:04 ギミチョコ Gimme Chocolate!! Official BABYMETAL
03:53 Gimme Chocolate!!
04:14 Gimme Chocolate!! Rock On The Range Live Part 5 Of 7 Babymetal
04:54 Gimme Chocolate!! Live In Sonisphere Festival Uk BABYMETAL
03:49 Gimme Chocolate! Babymetal
04:53 Karate Official BABYMETAL
03:54 Gimme Choco!! Babymetal Cover Español
03:35 Babymetal S Jazz Cover Feat. Tara Louise Gimme Chocolate
03:52 Babymetal Black Night Live Gimme Chocolate!!
03:54 Babymetal Gimme Chocolate!! Guitar Cover
05:12 Babymetal Gimme Chocolate!! Sonisphere Festival 5 7 14
03:03 Babymetal / Gimme Chocolate Live In Usa
03:50 Gimme Chocolate!! Live "Legend " Su Metal Seitan Sai 06 BABYMETAL
03:58 Gimme Chocolate Austin Tx BABYMETAL
03:51 Gimme Chocolate! Rock Am Ring Legend S And Rock On The Range Without Yui BABYMETAL
03:28 Babymetal With Skrillex Gimme Chocolate Live Ultra Japan